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We are so thankful to have found KJ Equestrian and Kelsey. My daughter who is now 16 has ridden since she was 5. Megan has learned more with Kelsey in the last 6 months than she has collectively in the 10 years previously. Kelsey not only shares how to do something, but provides the why too.  My daughter has never been so excited to ride. KJ Equestrian provides well trained lesson horses, that offer different challenges to their riders, from beginning and building confidence to challenging, yet safe, horses to hone your skills. The staff at KJ is warm and supportive, and the barn is top notch.   Thank you Kelsey and KJ Equestrian for deepening my daughters love for horses!

~ Dawn Mansergh

Woodbury, MN

I can't say enough about the professionalism, passion and exceptional standards that Kelsey and her team bring to KJ Equestrian. The lesson horses are excellent, and the staff ensures every detail of care and proper handling are taught for the full experience of not only riding, but also of caring for your horse. Kelsey is committed to bringing out the best in the horse and the rider, and is generous with her time, attention, and meticulous detail throughout her instruction and guidance in the ring. I returned to riding as an adult after a number of years out of the ring, and Kelsey and her team have helped me regain my confidence and skills with instruction and care that is demonstrated throughout each lesson and every interaction. I have not met a more talented or exceptional instructor than Kelsey, and highly recommend KJ Equestrian.

~ Crandall Hall

Woodbury, MN

I find Kelsey to be a remarkable person and teacher. She is extremely well rounded with a great passion. She applies her love and knowledge in what she does. She is very safety contentious and has great teaching qualities. Her kindness and attention to detail make her exceptional. 

  ~ Susan Blank

Hudson, WI

My daughter Caitlyn had been riding at another barn for over a year but was starting to feel frustrated during lessons. Kelsey told me she gave lessons so we set up a time to go out to the barn. When we arrived we knew this was going to be a good thing. The land was beautiful, the barns were nice and the horses seemed to have a good life. I watched and learned as Kelsey gave her a quick view of what her lessons were like and what she wants to see in a rider. An hour later Caitlyn decided she liked the barn, liked the horse she rode and most of all she liked Kelsey. All the way home and the next few days all we heard about was how much she loved this place and could not wait to go back! Kelsey has given Caitlyn back her confidence around horses and in her riding in the very short time she has known her. As a mom I feel my daughter is in good hands when at the barn and that she will learn a lot and have great opportunities in growing and learning to become a good rider and competitor.

~ Andi Cody

Baldwin, WI

Kelsey is very professional, easy to work with, and her experience, knowledge and love of horses is obvious! She has a way of teaching that I'm not sure how to describe. Kelsey is very positive and she praises the rider (and horse) for a job well done! I could see Heidi gain self esteem and confidence the more Kelsey worked with her and 'Cowboy'. Heidi earned blue ribbons in her classes at the fair last summer-her first year showing a horse. As for myself, I've only ever walked on a horse. Luckily for me, 'Thistle' is content walking around in circles with me loving every minute. When Kelsey finally talked me into a trot I will admit the fear in me was pretty high. With Kelsey's coaching and the smile on her face, I did it! I finally did something more than a slow walk on him! Kelsey showed me tricks to try, 'in case of emergency' moves, and most of all to be one with my horse. I know with Kelsey's guidance, positive attitude and experience, we will both continue to be better riders!

~ Laurie Sandquist

Hudson, WI

Kelsey has proven to be an excellent horse riding instructor. Both of our daughters take riding lessons at the same time. Kelsey uses this as an opportunity to teach them not only how to improve their riding skills but also how to ride in an arena with other riders to prepare them for showing. We started out with very little experience or knowledge of horses. Kelsey has provided the education we needed in other areas as well such as learning how to tack up, hoof care and in feeding our horses good hay. She is always willing to help us problem solve horse behavior and wellness for our horses.

~ Julie Simpson

Hudson, WI

I like the riding lessons because they're fun and easy to learn. In posting I got really clear instructions of how to do it. I wouldn't be as good a rider if it weren't for riding lessons!

~ Katie Simpson

Hudson, WI

Kelsey not only taught me to ride better but she has taught me to build confidence and reach my goals! She also has taught me safety in the riding ring with other riders. She also has proven to me that riding is all about safety. Kelsey is the best horse person that I know!

~ Amy Simpson

Hudson, WI