2014 16.3h Chestnut TB gelding

Morris is an Off-Track Thoroughbred gelding that was purchased as Kelsey's next hunter show prospect. He is a lovely young horse that didn't do much on the track but is quickly proving himself as a riding horse. Morris is quiet with huge, lofty gaits. He is picking things up very quickly and has already learned a lot in his short time with KJ Equestrian. He will accompany Kelsey to Massachusetts for her year-long surgery internship. Morris has been part of the KJE family since 2018. 

April Snow Queen - "Payson"

2008 16.1h Black Bay TB gelding

Stealth is an Off-Track Thoroughbred that was originally purchased with the intent of starting him in a new career and reselling him after he was retired from racing. Instead, Stealth and Kelsey developed a bond that side railed the prospect of finding him a new home. He is now officially part of the herd as one of Kelsey's show horses. He is currently be campaigned in 3-day eventing with Kelsey's best friend, Taylor. Stealth has been part of the KJE family since 2014.

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2000 15.1h Bay Roan QH mare

Payson is a fabulous, patient mare that had a tremendously successful show career as a cutting horse way back in the day! Payson is very safe and has absolutely lovely gaits to ride, making her a go-to for our very beginners, but she has all of the fancy buttons to be an incredible teacher for our more advanced Western students, as well! Payson has been part of the KJE family since 2016.

Payson is currently leased to The Dream Team Equestrian Academy in Rosemount, MN as part of their lesson program!

Redford- "Red"

Stealth Hero - "Stealth"

"Jet" is Kelsey's dog and is a familiar face at the barn. If Kelsey is there, Jet can be found running around somewhere. He is friendly and loves to give kisses! He will also accompany Kelsey out to Massachusetts for her surgery internship. Jet was adopted and became part of the KJE family in 2015.

Or More - "Morris"

2007 15.2h Palomino QH mare

Candy is a sweet, fun mare that is known for falling asleep in the crossties during grooming! She rides English and Western and is a nice horse to trail ride as well! She's also jumps little fences for more adventurous students! Candy is extremely patient and loves attention from anyone and everyone. She will be the first to walk up to you in the pasture for some love! Candy has been part of the KJE family since 2015.

Candy is currently leased to The Dream Team Equestrian Academy in Rosemount, MN as part of their lesson program!

Zippos Gold Candy - "Candy"

2011 American Miniature Horses

Peeka and Boo are the resident ponies! Peeka is a 31" palomino gelding, and Boo a 27" black mare. These two have been used as therapy horses, for the most part. They've visited hospitals, nursing homes, special education groups, therapy programs, and senior centers. They've also made appearances at fundraising events and parades. Peeka is broke to ride, as well, and can handle light ponying with very small children. They both know quite a number of "tricks", including climbing up and down stairs, standing on pedestals, riding in elevators, "leave it", "shake", and "kiss". Due to time constraints, they're currently living the good life with extensive turnout and not much "work" at Kelsey's best friend's farm in Woodville, WI! They have been part of the KJE family since 2012.

Peeka and Boo

2002 15.3h Solid-bred Dun APHA mare

"Rosie" is Kelsey's very first horse (purchased as a 3 year old when Kelsey was 14!) and a student favorite. She has done everything - hunter/jumper, dressage, English and Western pleasure, gymkhana events, reining, etc. She has carried beginner to advanced riders without ever stepping a foot wrong. Rose has even been used for therapy work! This mare is very patient and only tries as hard as her rider is comfortable with. Rosie is the original KJE lesson horse and has been part of the family since Kelsey started teaching in 2007!

Rosie is currently leased to The Dream Team Equestrian Academy in Rosemount, MN as part of their lesson program!

Duns And Roses - "Rosie"

Meet the KJ Equestrian Herd


Fourb Ultima Sizzle - "Jack"

2007 15.2h Red Dun QH gelding

Jack has a really cool story that leads up to landing at KJ Equestrian. One of our trainers, Alaina, was forced to sell her beloved Jack several years ago. She'd tried to keep track of him as time had gone on, and late one night she found out that Jack was headed to an auction the next day. In a whirlwind of texts, Alaina found herself at the auction with Kelsey scrambling to figure out how to get Jack home. This story does indeed have a happy ending, because after some luck and a lot of praying, KJ Equestrian was able to purchase Jack and he has been part of the KJE family since 2016.

Jack is currently leased to one of our long-time lesson students, and is enjoying life outside of a lesson program.

2001 16.1h Chestnut TB gelding

Red is a been-there-done-that dude who is an absolute pleasure. We joke (lovingly) that he is the laziest ex-racehorse you'll every meet. Red began life as a racehorse, then moved on to a dressage trainer after life at the track. He was later purchased by the Minneapolis Police Department and worked as a police horse for a number of years before he was donated to the University of Minnesota to be a lesson and teaching horse for both the undergraduate program and the College of Veterinary Medicine. When Kelsey found out that Red was looking for a new place to call home, he was adopted and is loving life as a lesson horse at KJ Equestrian! Red has been part of the KJE family since 2016.

Red is currently leased to The Dream Team Equestrian Academy in Rosemount, MN as part of their lesson program!

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