Are you looking to enter a program that will advance your riding skills and teach you to understand and communicate with your horse? Are you in need of help in starting your horse's training, creating a more responsive partner, or correcting behavioral problems? Do you have fear or confidence issues as a rider that you would like to overcome? Welcome! KJ Equestrian in Stillwater, MN offers horseback riding lessons and summer camps, as well as boarding, training, leasing, showing, sales, and more! All ages and experience levels are welcome!

Welcome to KJ Equestrian!

Kelsey Jurek - Instructor/Trainer

Kelsey Jurek's lesson and training program is based on having a deep level of communication between horse and rider. While teaching, she goes further than just telling students what to do by explaining why the student is being asked to do something and what it is communicating to the horse on a scientific level. While training, Kelsey uses a combination of classical training techniques and natural horsemanship methods that have been proven to get results. Besides teaching and training, she also offers many other equine services. Please feel free to explore the webpage or contact Kelsey directly at 715.220.7811.